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Mystics Muse Album



Mystics Muse is a collection of quotes by various ancient mystics from different traditions that I put to music. (Lao Tzu, Buddha, Rumi, St. Teresa, and St. Francis)

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$1.99 downloads - $20.00 CD

Full Album – Physical CD $20, Full Album – Digital Download $15, St. John (Download) $1.99, Rumi (Download) $1.99, Lao Tzu (Download) $1.99, Martin Luther King Jr. (Download) $1.99, St. Francis (Download) $1.99, Gandhi, Buddha, Jesus (Download) $1.99, St. Teresa of Avila (Download) $1.99, Hildegard of Bingen (Download) $1.99, St. Clare (Download) $1.99, Ave Maria (Download) $1.99, Hineni (Download) $1.99