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Mesa Sea / Unity Album(s) – 2 Album Set



Mesa Sea was my dream come true, to make a recording of all of my first collection of songs, Produced with my partner, guitarist extraordinaire, Greg Martin at Moondance studio. We fell in love while making this record and you can really feel it in the music.

Unity is a live recording made in my living room. I put my first two recordings together, so you could hear the produced music of Mesa Sea, and the raw live sounds of Unity on one CD.

Mesa Sea & Unity are combined on one CD for the same price as a regular CD ($20).

Additional information

Weight N/A
$1.99 downloads - $20.00 CD

Full Album – Physical CD $20, Full Album – Digital Download $15, Solitude (Download) $1.99, Naungoloe (Download) $1.99, Lysistrata (Download) $1.99, Mesa Sea (Download) $1.99, Open Your Heart (Download) $1.99, Running (Download) $1.99, Love Is Work (Download) $1.99, Goodnight (Download) $1.99, Rain Comes (Download) $1.99, Wild Ones (Download) $1.99, Maineland Shore (Download) $1.99, Eyes of Innocence (Download) $1.99, No More Time (Download) $1.99, Aji's Angel Song (Download) $1.99, So Glad To Be Here (Download) $1.99, Taking Chances (Download) $1.99, Unity (Download) $1.99