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Eternal Flight Album



Eternal Flight took 3 years to make. We recorded at Eliza Gilkyson’s studio, and had blues virtuoso Rory Block join us, and Mike Hearne, and Eric Avinger. Some of my favorite musical moments are captured here.

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$1.99 downloads - $20.00 CD

Full Album – Physical CD $20, Full Album – Digital Download $15, Dare You (Download) $1.99, Oneness (Download) $1.99, Rocks and Trees (Download) $1.99, Real World (Download) $1.99, Enough (Download) $1.99, Thirsty Souls (Download) $1.99, Love Yourself (Download) $1.99, Eternal Flight (Download) $1.99, Listen With Me (Download) $1.99, Nighthawk (Download) $1.99, Awake (Download) $1.99, Push/Pull Intro (Download) $1.99, Push Me/Pull You (Download) $1.99, Quiet (Download) $1.99